Tuesday 20 November 2012

The Anatomy of Type - Part 5

When applying the different catagories to different sizes of a typeface, there are things with become clear.

Gill Sans
Copper Black
  • Script fonts are designed for headers, therefore making them bigger, you would have to use less words to stop them from making more lines.
  • Making the type into one line makes the words as a sentence more legible, could push to two lines but more than that doesn't work.
  • When working with type you have to print out and look from a distance, not just at your screen - can see the characteristics, legibility, readability, this is because it all changes, will work differently on a screen.
  • Roman fonts are designed for body copy, and work really well smaller.
  • Block fonts work better larger, to be seen from a distance.

Type as Image;
  • You can manipulate type to add to the visual.
  • It is possible to make typefaces out of anything, and they can all work in different ways.
  • Branding and identity - brands a lot of the time have their own fonts, created particularly for that purpose, this is so that no-one else will have it. 
  • Looking at the letter form as an image or symbol.
Check Design Practice blog to see my Type as Image.

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