Friday 30 November 2012

Printed Text and Reading

Group work;
With my words of printed text and reading, as a group we thought of many different things which we could do from this, things we could research visually.

Secondary research;
Whenever you start a business or small company you need ways to have your name recognized. This can be done using many things such as marketing techniques and a recognizable brand design. Branding can also consist of many more things such as logos, artwork and printed business cards.

Examples of branding;
What makes a brand recognisable is often the individuality of the brand, what makes it different and what makes it stand out, therefore I search google and pinterest to find different examples of branding and logos, to see what makes different brands recognisable.
When looking at branding the things I noticed was the use of colours, the use of type, structure and layout and different printing methods. I decided to search for different ways of printing with branding as my initail word was Printed text and Reading. I looked at the structure of how the logos in the branding are, and how they work, what makes them individual, e.g. the example above plays of the word 'STACK' with the structure to look like the word is stacked up. I looked at how the brands are being read and how they have been printed, just to see examples of how they work visually.

Examples of logos;
The simplicity in these logos makes them really effective, the less detail that is in the logo, means that there is less clutter and less to get confused about, as sometimes too much information can be misleading. The logo in branding is one of the most important elements as its the thing which people notice and refer to the brand. I also found that the logos with the use of negative space, hiding the meaning of the brand, the most interesting and most effective as it draws peoples attention in.

Primary research;
Examples of branding;

Finding examples of branding was quite easy in the house and around supermarkets.

Examples of logo's;

Logo's using negative space and double meanings;

Logo's are really easy to find, as a lot of things have been produced by company's which have logos. Although finding logo's using negative space and hidden meanings is quite difficult, this is why I only found a few, although I think with the next brief that follows this I may use logo's like this, depending on what this research is for and what the next brief is.

Using negative space;
'Marketers say that a good logo should look good, be memorable and also communicate the idea of the business. By using negative space technique it is possible to kill two birds with one stone!
Hidden message within your logo will not only “grab” viewer’s attention, but at the same time it’ll tell a lot about the company.'

After finding that I am more interesting in the logo's as I think that they have a lot to do with branding and identity, and the logo is the identity of the brand. I decided to research more into logo's and logo's with negative space and hidden meanings as I find them more interesting. Therefore I will direct my research further into the use of negative space and hidden meanings in logo's.

Direction research;
Images all from;

The direction I have chosen is really interesting, and there are a lot of logo's out there which show hidden meanings by using negative space, therefore it is obviously popular and a good way to advertise what you business or company is about. It will be good to see what the next brief is about, and having a mass of visual information and research will help me and my group.

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