Monday 5 November 2012

Modern and Postmodern Graphic Design

This piece of design is clear that it has been produced during the modernist period as it is really simple and stripped back. All clean cut lines, block colours, simple colours.
This looks as if it has been printed, and is very simple, which is very modernist, stripping everything back and only showing the necessary. I like it because of the colours use, although there is a varience of colours, they all stick to the same theme.
This is clearly Modernism in Graphic Design as it is showing a limited range of colours, also the font is sans, which is very modern, keeping the design simple, and the type simple.
This was produced in the modernist period, and is shown in all sorts of different way, as this shows its a poster for the 1940 Olympics. This shows that it was used in many different ways, and even without the date, you would be able to tell its during the modernist period as the layout is really well done, centered and all in the right place.

Simple and basic shapes and colours helps to show that this has been designed during the modernist period.

The overlapping of type and image, and the angle which the type is at is a sign of postmodernist design.!lectures/history/1975/postmodern.html
This is postmodernist graphic design as it is showing good layout and experimenting with type and how it can be used.

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