Tuesday 20 November 2012

Harvard Referencing

Books to help with my essay;
Barnard, M. (2005), ‘Graphic Design as Communication’, London and New York, Routtedge. 741.601

Hellige, H. (2009), ‘Naïve: modernism and folklore in contemporary graphic design’, Berlin, Die Gestalten Verlag. 741.6

Remington, R. R. (2003), ‘American modernism: graphic design 1920 to 1960’, London, Laurence King. 741.604

Aynsley., J. (2001), ‘Pioneers of modern Graphic Design: a complete history’, London, Mitchell Beazley. 741.605

Duncan, A. (1998), ‘Modernism: modern design 1880 – 1940’, Minneapolis, Norwest Corporation. 745.41

The reason why I chose this selection of books is because it will increase my range of knowledge on modernism specifically, also how modernism affected Graphic Design. A lot of these book have information about both modernism and post-modernism, one of which being ‘Graphic Design as Communication’, this will help with gain perspective of the difference between them, also find out where modernism came from, and what it progressed into. This book also had information about the difference between Fine art and Graphic Design therefore it will help with many of the essay questions. Although the particular books I have selected will inform my essay greatly as I will have a better idea how to answer my question that I have chosen, which is; ‘Focusing on the specific examples, describe the way modernist art and design was a response to the forces of modernity’.

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