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I got many different newspapers for this brief, so hat I had a wider range of articles I could choose. I got the Metro, i, The Sun and Daily Express. I found a few different articles to look at.

First thought;
Jimmy Savile story
Jimmy Savile Story
Looking into the Jimmy Savile story I found that it was a bit too Shocking for me to research for a long time, as I knew that we would be using our research brief to develop upon. Therefore I thought I should use a lighter article, as for this brief I can choose my own.

Second thought;
James Bond Story
James Bond Story
Then I thought about looking into the James Bond stories, as there are many different tangents to these stories. I found three different James Bond stories in different newspapers; product placement in the Bond films, Daniel Craig's age as James Bond and the Bond girls. I found that there were a lot of different approaches to this article, but then saw that many people were doing this so decided to find something else but on the same route.

I then found a light article in the sun about celebreties breaking up and then making up so decided to look further into that.

Final thought;
The article from the Sun

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Kate and Will

Pink and Carey Hart

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake
I then looked at websites to find more about these couples and found a lot of information about them all on many different websites.

Research form the sun article; 
NOT all celebrity relationships are plain sailing – but for every couple who call it a day, there’s another pair that work through their problems.
KRISTEN STEWART and ROBERT PATTINSON have reconciled after she cheated with director RUPERT SANDERS.
And RIHANNA has rekindled her romance with CHRIS BROWN three years after he was found guilty of assaulting the singer.
Here we look at the stars who have realised the course of true love doesn’t always run smoothly.

Started dating in 2008, split in July, back together this month
The pair split this year after Kristen was photographed kissing Snow White director RUPERT SANDERS.
After admitting to her “momentary indiscretion” Robert ended their relationship. But the couple were photographed together again for the first time last week.

Started dating in 2004, split in 2009, married in 2010
Actress Megan and US TV star Brian wed in June 2010.
But rumours they had split briefly in 2009 were confirmed when she was seen without her engagement ring.
The pair have just had a son, NOAH

Started dating in 2007, split in 2011 and now just married
 Justin and Jessica announced their split four years after first getting together.
After only three months apart, they couldn’t keep away from each other and married on Friday.
He really did bring the sexy back.

Started dating in 2008, split in 2009, reunited this month
 Chris and Rih broke up in 2009 after he assaulted her, leaving her with a badly bruised face.
The couple have now reunited, seemingly while Chris was still with girlfriend KARRUECHE TRAN.
Rih and Chris were seen kissing at a nightclub over the weekend.

Married in 2006, split in 2008, reunited in 2009
 Pink and Carey have had a rocky romance, separating just two years after tying the knot.
Pink made it clear they had hit a rough patch when she released So What and U + Ur Hand.
Still, they got back together and they now have a daughter, WILLOW SAGE.

Met in 2001, split in 2007, reunited later in 2007
 Even royals have troubles in love.
The couple split in April 2007 saying they had grown apart, but just three months later the Prince persuaded Kate to try again.
The whole nation celebrated when they married last year.

Barely a week goes by without a celebrity couple announcing their 'separation'. But often, the news of a celebrity separation is just a polite way of saying that they're on non-speaking terms and their relationship has totally broken down beyond repair.
However, in the real world, a separation need not signify the end, but the start of a healing process - a positive move towards saving a relationship that has hit the rocks.

More websites for research of the history of each couple;

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson;

Megan Fox and Brian Green;

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel;

Rihanna and Chris Brown;

Prince William and Kate Middeton;

Pink and Carey Hart;

After the crit, furter research;
Getting more newspapers and magazines such as; Now, Reveal and Closer.

Reveal magazine

Now magazine

Closer magazine, and a zoomed in part of text about fake relationship

Reveal magazine
Finding mostly information and Kristen and Rob's story I thought to look it up more and found youtube clips about it being a fake relationship, also lots of stories about it.

But insiders have speculated about whether the reunion is genuine or just a “showmance” designed to ensure Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is a box office hit, according to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

--> “Rob and Kristen were inseparable,” a fan told Us Weekly.
Adding, “They were so lost in each other, it was ridiculas. They looked just like they do in the movies…completely in love. They were talking very closely all night, laughing, kissing, holding hands, arms around each other.”
“Everyone just let them be. They looked very natural together. Watching them, you would never know the scandal that erupted,” the eyewitness continued.
But, some have blamed the couples recent reunion on a 'Twilight' PR stunt, however the fan says, “She seemed happy,” adding that their PDA “didn’t look forced.”
The couple reportedly reunited after Rob realised he couldn't live without her and it WASN'T a publicity stunt as stated above.

Youtube video, still shots from it;
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's perfectly timed reconciliation has sparked rumours it's not genuine.
The pair split in July after Kristen, 22, confessed to cheating on Rob - but they reunited last month and have been snapped together on numerous occasions in recent weeks.
Many are speculating that it's not just a conincidence that their rekindled romance has happened just in time for the release of the final Twilight movie.
They think the reunion could be a "showmance" designed to ensure Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is a box office hit.

All of these articles and videos show that it is a common thought throughout many people minds.

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