Saturday 3 January 2015

Why Monster for the Campaign?

Why use Monster?
I decided at the start of September that for my CoP practical I wanted to do something that would have a positive effect on society and how people perceive advertising. I initially want to create a campaign called '100 days of happiness'. This is so that I could encourage people to do one thing a day which makes them happier, which will lead to an overall happier life. Although there is already a campaign for 100 days of happiness, therefore I would have to do something a bit different from that. Although I decided that I do want to promote doing one thing a day for 100 days. This is becasue I found out, when research the 100 days of happiness, that doing one thing per day gives people a sense of direction and focus. Also actually doing that one thing a day allows the person to feel like they have achieved something and makes their life happier. Doing this challenge has allowed me to have more focus, doing something small everyday felt like nothing, whereas it has brought out a lot of illustrations. It has allowed me to find a direction and brand for my CoP practical and also made me feel happier having achieved the '100 days of...' Challenge. This is something that I hope for the target audience to feel for this campaign.

Monster Energy tries to make their consumers feel focused and driven, just like the challenge does. This is why it would be appropriate to use Monster Energy as the brand to advertise this campaign for. The difficulties that Monster Energy faces is that their target audience is small and specific, being 18-32 year old men who like video games. Also that the brand is quite rash and intimidating, which is why their audience will not expend. They are hoping to achieve a softer look to increase their target audience, also to create more brand awareness, just like Red Bull does. This is something that will suit the brand. Creating a campaign to help create awareness for them, whilst also having a positive outcome with the consumers.

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