Tuesday 13 January 2015

Social Campaign for Monster

Positive Social Campaign.
After finding a logo for the campaign I decided to look further into what I could include in my campaign.
I decided to make mind maps of what I was hoping to achieve and produce for the campaign. Thinking about what the campaign could help Monster Energy achieve and how it could do that. From researching into Monster Energy, I found that they are trying to expand their target audience, make the brand more approachable and to make their other flavours of drinks more well known. Therefore I started to look into the other flavours and work out how I could do this. When doing this I realised that my intention of my CoP practical is to produce a positive social campaign, and to do this I want to not advertise products just simply create a positive response from the consumer. Therefore I don't want to advertise any of the Monster drinks, but just create positive association to the brand itself. The aim for this campaign is to try and get people to do the challenge using different mediums, then showing what they could receive if they completed the challenge.

With my flyers I decided that I wanted to use the same colours and the logo on one side, with the back side being persuasive. Using black and green type, with the green words standing out more and jumping off the page as they are the most important words for the consumer to see. I have created two different flyers, one being more explanatory and the other being quite mysterious with links to the website on for more information. This is so that people feel intrigued to find out more.

Making a small mock up made it easier for me to set up a document for a flyer. This is so that I knew where each bit would be going as I could refer to my mock when designing.

I wanted to use similar aesthetics to the flyers as I am doing for the leaflets, therefore using the same kind of information, but including slightly more about the challenge itself and what each person has to do, showing examples of the challenge as it goes through to days with the monsters. This also means that the monster posters with the '100 days of...' logo on it will be associated with the brand Monster Energy.

The poster also include the same information as the flyers but slightly larger, this is just so that it can directly connect with the audience when it says 'CHALLENGE YOURSELF...' giving them the temptation to accept the challenge at hand.

There is also the screen printed posters, this is using the same colours as the Monster Energy brand, therefore keeping in the same restrictions, whilst promoting the campaign. This may lead more people to do the challenge as they will see the results there, then temp them further into doing it.

The Promotional Material.
The promotional material compliments each other well, and all fits together. It helps include enough information to get the consumers attention, yet leave them wanting more and having the visit the Monster Energy website, which may lead them to take the challenge.

Mock Ups.
I decided that I would do a couple of mock ups to show how it could work on different mediums. This is just so that I can see how diverse the posters could be and how far I could take the campaign. There are a lot more different ways to do this, but this is just two of them. I will be putting these on my design boards, this is just so that it can displayed as how it would look in reality.

If I were to do this again, I would probably do more mock ups onto different shaped things, just so that it can be shown even more diverse situations. Although I am happy with my mock ups, as this is a weakness of mine and is something that I struggle with. I would also have created stickers to hand out to people in the streets, or even have them in gym packs, or news agents to connect with the target audience more. I did create stickers but due to time and printing I wasn't able to get them printed on sticker paper like I wanted to, as the clear vinyl was rubbing off the monster illustrations, therefore I haven't included them.

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