Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Reward for the Challange

The Challenge.
The reward for the campaign is to receive a publication with am image of what was done each day, this is why each thing submitted to Monster Energy has to be an image of whatever you are wanting to do. For example if you are doing a good deed a day, either capture it in words or a photo. There will also be a poster of day 1 to 100 too, this will give the consumer intensive to complete the challenge, not just to have to satisfaction of doing it, but also getting an reward.

I started by making a InDesign document of the publication, but then when thinking about the binding method I am wanting to use, which is perfect binding, I decided to set it up in Illustrator and copy it over from the layout I have already used.
Using the print made for the logo as the back of pages in the publication and each of the days on the front means that it can be applied to anything submitted, not just the monsters. Using the title pages as the front and back cover also allows it to be consistent.

The publication itself is very substantial. The binding method that I have used also works really well. I was worried that the spine may look messy, but it didn't it actually really suits the publication.

When screen printing I decided to print onto white tissue paper so that I would use it as a wrapping paper for the reward for completing the challenge. This worked really well and look very effective, especially just using the green.

After photographing the poster and publication together, I can see that the poster would look a lot better rolled than it would folded, also that I should wrap my poster in the same tissue paper.

I am really happy with the end result of my reward part of the campaign and challenge.

These are the screen prints used in the reward, that are the better more aligned screen prints, and they are also glow in the dark. Overall I am pleased with the quality of the publication and the poster. I am also happy with how I have packaged them with the tissue paper.

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