Friday 9 January 2015

100 Days of Posters

For my CoP Practical I started to create one monster a day for 100 days, this is so that I could take the 100 days of... challenge myself. And so that I will be able to show the target audience what the campaign can achieve, showing the reward that they will receive using my own challenge as an example. I know that I want to produce a poster and a publication for the reward for the challenge, therefore started to play with different layouts of where I am going to promote the campaign in the poster. The campaign will be supporting and creating awareness for the brand Monster Energy. The reasons why I have chosen Monster Energy can be found on my blog (Source) link provided.

I started by placing all of the monsters into a 8 by 12 grid, simply so that there would be enough room to have the slogan, brand or challenge on the poster with it.
I have also tried to include the Monster Energy logo and the the challenge name in there, although I don't think that it goes together entirely. I think that it would work better if I came up with a logo for the campaign. or at least something that can be recognised as the challenge itself.

I also decided to try and make all of the monsters black and green, these are the colours of the Monster Energy brand also. As well as this, I have produced screen prints in the past on the 12th day of the 100 day challenge, this has made me want to produce posters of the monsters using screen printing and these colours. This is so that it is linked to the brand using the colours and the fact that all the illustrations are monsters.

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