Tuesday 13 January 2015

100 Days of... Screen Prints

Screen Printing.
The purpose of my screen printing was to get a really good quality print, as I think that screen printing is a really high quality was of printing. Also it is the only way for me to print glow in the dark ink. This is so that all the green glows in the dark.

When changing all the colours for my print and preparing the negatives, I went through each shape changing the colours. It took a very long time, and on the last monster I found out that I would select all the same colour and change them at the same time. This is something that really annoyed me but I'm glad I know now for future screen printing and work in general. As it is a massive time saver doing that.

The Process.
I have always enjoyed screen printing, although this time it didn't go as well as it did when I tried to practice at 12 days. This is because of the screen printing bed I was using had a corner bolt missing. Therefore it kept moving the screen whilst printing. Also the true grain I had to align the prints was creased and I didn't realised till after I had started printing, therefore my registration was off on all of my prints. This meant that all of my second print had to be aligned by eye, which meant a lot of the prints weren't great.

The Prints.
The screen was larger than any other screen I had printed on before, and I found it hard to hold everything up whilst printing. Therefore some of my prints have patches of bits that haven't printed through properly. This is something I have learnt from whilst doing this module. I need to practice larger printing before doing my final thing.
A lot of the prints were aligned at either the bottom or the top but not both, this is because the prints were so large and it was being aligned by eye.

This was a few examples of how they didn't register right. Although there were a lot of prints that did align well. With those prints I decided to prints over the green parts of the posters with glow in the dark ink. This gives the effect that when the poster are in the dark they will stand out amongst the rest, like the brand Monster does. It is also suggesting that 'Monsters come out at night'. This is something that I have done for a few other monsters. Using glow in the dark ink on some larger colour printed monsters.

If I were to screen print again, I would leave myself with more time so that I can go on a different screen printing bed if it's broken. As this was the only one left on the day, and I needed to get it all printed that day. I cam out with a few good prints that I am proud of, although next time I would make sure that I could register the prints better, using the same sized paper throughout so that it would align perfectly. I am happy with the good prints that I produced though, and think that they will work really well in my campaign and for the reward for the consumer for completing the challenge.

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