Thursday 15 January 2015


My essay, 'How can Positive Responses be Promoted Through Advertising Successfully?' is all about positive advertising. Showing the emotional effects of positive social adverting in terms of the consumer and the action that they take after the viewing an advert. Therefore in my practical I need to create a positive social campaign which makes the consumer feel happy. The 100 day challenge is used to promote a focused lifestyle, having one thing to complete each day gives the consumer drive and ambition. This leads to a feeling of accomplishment when a day has been ticked off, which leads to a sense of self worth and happiness. Therefore creating a campaign to get people to relate and take part in the '100 days of...' challenge, will give the consumer a sense of self accomplishment and overall happiness. They will also receive a publication and poster of those 100 days as a reminder of the challenge they have completed.

I have decided to take the challenge myself (starting on the 1th Oct to the 8th Jan) so that I can relate to the brief, also so that I can use it to show what the reward would look like using an example. I have decided to use the brand Monster Energy, this is becasue it has the same aim as the campaign itself, trying to get consumers to focus and be more determined. This also relates the the idea of creating a monster a day for 100 days. Linking both the campaign and the brand together. Monster Energy is also looking to make their brand more approachable and widen the their target audience, this campaign will help them do this a lot. It will create positive awareness for the brand whilst connecting with the consumers positive emotions. Helping both the consumer and to brand at the same time. The campaign will concentrate on the consumer and their emotions rather than the products that Monster Energy sell.

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