Wednesday 14 January 2015

Online Mock Ups

Monster Energy Campaign.
Mock Ups.
A large part of my campaign is online, this is becasue it is where the submission will be placed and where people can keep track of how they are doing. Web design is not my preference when it comes to designing although I think that it is necessary to produce an online campaign and showing how it is used, as well as a printed one.

Going onto the Monster Energy website there will be a link to '100 days of...' campaign although there will also be a direct link on all of the leaflets, posters and flyers.

It will then take you to a page where you can read what the campaign is asking the consumer to do, allowing them to click a link to start now.

Next there will be a page that suggests the option whether to log in or register. Keeping the design simple and the layout similar so that it can be consistent throughout.

When logging into the website, the consumer will be able to see their progress they have been making on their challenge, how far they are in, and motivational words of wisdom to keep people going down the side on the right.

The option will also be there to view the challenge day by day as it is being completed.

When the consumer has finished with the challenge this message will come up and show what will happen next.

Mac Mock Ups.
I decide that to make the online campaign look real, I could not only put my idea of the online designs onto the actual website itself. But also include it on a mac, as if someone were accessing it their mac. This makes it seem more realistic, and gives the viewer a better idea of what it would look like, especially for my design boards. It makes the campaign look more professional. If I were to do this again I would have also considered how it would work on an app, so that images can be uploaded straight away and if I had more time I did plan to do that, although I left it slightly too late to attempt doing it and making it look good and consistent.

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