Thursday 1 January 2015

Monster Energy Drink Research

Looking into Monster to find out their target audiences, and what their strengths and weaknesses are in the brand. This is so that I am able to create a advertising campaign that is appropriate for them. Helping to achieve their goals.
The campaign mainly needs to make Monster more approachable, and appeal to a wider audience. Doing this by creating more awareness for the brand Monster, positive reinforcements for the brand will help to do this. Like Red Bull the number one energy drink in the world, Monster is number two. To compete with Red Bull who does a lot of advertising campaigns and sponsors for extreme sports. This is something that Monster need to avoid as that particular market has already been dominated. Also trying to widen the audience in a different way so that there is room for and energy drink. Showing off the different flavours in the Monster brand, as there isn't much awareness that there are different flavours. Also the low calorie drink. This is something that Monster has that red bull doesn't have.

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