Tuesday 1 January 2013

Photoshop Postcard Research

For this brief we had to made postcards using Photoshop, therefore my initial research for this was looking at different styles of postcards, looking at how different postcards appeal to different target audiences.

Here are some examples of fronts and backs of postcards;


Although the top postcards are quite childish, I like the style of them, keeping them consistent on the front and back, allows them to be connected. These postcards are using a different style but in the same way, keeping the designs on the front consistent with the designs on the back. This is something I will bear in mind when making mine.

When looking at the back of these postcards, I was looking for different ways in which people layout the stamp and where to write. I found with this one it has an old style to is, as it looks like the stock is vintage, which makes these postcards so effective.
These two postcards have the same layout with different designs and colours to them. What I found interesting about these, are that the front of the postcards are so colourful and to the point, whereas the back is really simple and in black and white.

Having negative space in the postcard to display where to write and where to place the stamp makes this different from the rest. It is very simple yet very effective, it allows the postcard to look professional and unique.

These postcards are available for both boys and girls, their target audience is clearly for children, it is also, as well as aesthetically pleasing, it is a form of information graphics, as it is showing you what to do, and you are able to create your own postcard, however you want it.

The front and back of these postcards are very creative, the colours work well with the subject and product they are showing. Something I don't like and won't use for my postcards is that the space where you would usually write is covered by writing already therefore there is nowhere to write a message to whoever it is being sent to.

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