Friday 14 December 2012

How To...Make People Read More

Reading list research;
Before looking into the bookmarks and what they are going to look like, I first need to think about the book that are going to be in the bookmark, I also need to think about the reading levels that they have, so that the reading list can gradually get harder, as the children progress. I found a few websites that were useful, here are some;
I then found a system which teachers followed, this will be useful each book has a different way of showing which level of reading the book is, and this will show what each level means so that I can organise them effectively.

Very useful website;
This is very helpful information, as it shows how many pages are in each book, sometimes shows the level on the details of the book, therefore this will help me to organise them into levels, and make the gradual progress through levels of difficulty accurate.

Book mark research;
After collecting the research on what books I will be using on the bookmarks, I then thought about looking into the designs of children's bookmarks, to see what has been done, and what to do differently.
These are very childish, maybe too childish for our target audience, as the levels will progress to a 10 year old, this wouldn't work very well or attract the right audience.
The illustrations on these bookmarks are appealing, also the text on them is suitable for children. The only thing which I would suggest for these bookmarks, is that the colours are not appropriate and do not match the illustrations or text, they look, from a far, like they are for slightly older people, then the text is patronising, therefore I need to make sure when doing my book marks, that the colours work well with the concept.
Making the bookmarks into animals will work very well for children.
These bookmarks allow the children to have their name on them, so they have ownership of something, they are also charactorised as they have been given eyes, which makes them playful, they are also colourful.
Simple info graphic on bookmarks will help children learn how to read without a teacher being there, it will remind them what they have to do.
The illustrations will attract children.
This bookmark is too sophisticated for children, the font is also too complex for children, they wouldn't be interested in this, although the listings on the bookmark have a good layout, this will be useful for my bookmarks.
This was one of the initial ideas for our bookmarks, as a group we thought about doing the Wizard of Oz as the story that we were telling, and this was one of the ideas for the bookmarks. The story has changed therefore we wouldn't be doing this, although finding this we wouldn't use the idea anyway as it will have already been designed.
These little creatures are used in the top corners of the books, it looks as if they are easting the book, this will attract children, its playful and colour, yet quite simple. Although there would be no room for the book level information, unless they could be written on the back.

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