Wednesday 23 January 2013

Avante-garde Cinema

The Lecture;

Avante-garde cinema;
  • In opposite to mainstream cinema, these films attempt to be everything hollywood cinemas aren't.
  • None linear/non figurative/non narrative - unwatchable according to how hollywood want us to watch films. These kind of film have a completely different audience.
  • Open rather than closed
  • Requires a different kind of spectator.
'Un Chien Andalou' (1929) Dir. Luis Bunuel;
  • That represents the weight of the world. 
  • Massively influential and one of the starting points of radical cinema. 
  • There are still people making films in this style to this day.
Matthew Barney - Cremaster 3 (2002);
  • Lots of visual metaphors
  • Matthew Barney was the guy in the big pink wig
  • Set in a museum(Googenheim) where lots of famous installation art were.
Oskar Fischinger - Spirals (1926);
  • Unlike watching a movie.
  • Developed with modernism
Lapis - James Whitney (1966);
  • The film is at the same sort of speed of the human brain wave
  • It links to you
  • Abstract
  • Just concentrating on the optical illusion in it
  • Romantic, mystery, lyrical abstract films
  • Poetic, use it as a way of explaining 
Stan Brakhage - Black Ice (1994);
  • Scratches into the unexposed film
  • Radical experimental film maker
Andy Warhol - Empire State Building;
  • Take cinema and just look at the medium from a fresh perspective
  • They are not about making money
  • Outside capitalism

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