Friday 25 January 2013

Roses Product and Packaging

Initial Research;
For this brief I wanted to do Product and Packaging, as it was the direction I wanted to go in after researching anyway. I need to find more interesting flavours that I could use, I also need to find better packaging, something that attracts more attention, but not too over the top. I started by looking for alternate flavours for my chocolates, something which my target audience will enjoy and want to buy.
This is a website of 15 chocolate flavours you need to try before you die, I thought that this would be a good website to look at for this brief, so that I can get a wide range of flavours for my target audience to chose from. The flavours are;
  • Banana Chocolate
  • Black Pearl Bar
  • Lavender Truffles
  • Naga Bar
  • Chevere Chocolate
  • Mo's Bacon Bar
  • Kaffire Lime Chocolate
  • Lemon Grass with Peppercorn
  • Raspberry Pink Pepper Truffles
  • Red Fire Bar
  • Chai Chocolate
  • Goji Bar
  • Chocolate Covered Insects
  • Smoke and Stout Caramel Bar
  • Mexican Hot chocolate Truffle
Most of these chocolates are too different, and wouldn't work very well as commercial chocolates. Also I don't know what a lot of the flavours are, therefore this wasn't a very helpful website.
This website was more helpful as it showed peoples favourite chocolates of a more commercial manor. I then started to look at celebrations flavours, heroes flavours and other popular chocolate flavours.

I wrote lots of different flavours on a piece of paper, and then asked many people what their top ten flavours were, also what they thought would work best for the brand 'Daisies'.

This was my primary research, and it helped to show me what flavours I should use, so that my target audience will like them.

Looking at Daisy packaging;
I thought about looking at the perfume packaging for Daisy as I think that it works really well. For my chocolate packaging I want to take this into consideration, and use something fancy on the top but have quite a simple box.

Chocolate Packaging;
What I like about this packaging is that it is different. Although it would be too complicated for my chocolates, I also don't like the colours that have been used, also I wouldn't be able to fit harldy any chocolates in them.
This packaging is really simple but also creative, it was not designed for chocolates, but could be used for chocolates. The packaging would need to be bigger, although what is inside the packaging is what makes it so interesting and creative therefore I don't think that it would work very well for my product, it might be too simple.
The patterns on this packaging works really well, they are appealing and would work really well as a smaller packaging for the gift chocolates, although would work for the larger box as it is not very suitable. The patterns are simple, this is what I will take from this, keep the patters that I use on my box simple, therefore will be more effective.
The packaging for this chocolate matches the chocolates themselves, therefore for my product I want to pantone reference the chocolate wrappers so that it has an accurate colour match.
This is something that I am looking to avoid, although the actual box is simple and subtle, the colours used look quite tacky and cheap.
The branding for these chocolates works really well, it is consistent, and is aesthetically pleasing, this is the effect I want to get when I am producing my chocolate boxes, I want them to stand out, yet not look tacky and quirky.
This would work well for the smaller chocolate box, it has a handle so is easy to carry. Although the patterns used on the packaging look too pink, this would attract only girls, which might work well for this product, although wouldn't work well for mine. I need to avoid aiming my chocolates at one particular gender.
 Simple, elegant and really effective.
This looks like it would be a party favor for a wedding, especially with the flower on top. I looked at this because of the flower on the top, although this one looks a bit dead, it could be a good bigger and better. Although I wouldn't want to make it too over the top and in your face, as it could make it look really bad.
All of these boxes are the same just with different patterns, ribbons and colour schemes. What I like about this is that they are so simple yet they look really  pretty and elegant. If I did this I could use a different coloured box for each flavour, as most people have a favourite flavour, these could be available as separate gifts.
The website which I got this from showed all the development work which they went through, it will help me to see how I should package the chocolates, and the different things that I can do with it. The different colours used work really well with the brand.

Packaging Template book;
I found this book with many different packaging nets in it. I chose the ones which I thought would work well for my product, then I made each of the box's to see if they look right in a physical appearance.

This book helped me a lot as I found my packaging that I am using for both my larger and smaller packaging, it also gave me the nets on a disc, which I had to adapt, but it gave me something to follow.

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