Wednesday 16 January 2013

Creative Advertising and New Media

The Lecture;

 NM means New Media

 Definition by Rory Sutherland.

Mass media then required speaking to the masses. Posters were reproductions of paintings. The signs and symbols produce good feelings.

Collaboration between a couple of agencies to announce this game. There is a story that this game follows, therefore there was a film brought out afterwards about it, the story was about tragedy, lost and hope. In this ink there is the robot from the game writing the story, underneath there are the people that have made the advert by going onto the website, by being a dot of light which makes the advert.

In mass media there is an underpinning transition model, which is transmitted to an audience, new media is cybernetic, the ideas are created the same, but has been influenced by the audience, they are involved in the narrative of the advertisement.

Illustration of cybernetic communication. They find a way that when you make your own album, this is so that they are involved, when you have made your album, it will go on their website, where people could buy your album and for every album you sell you get £1! Going for launching an album, they were able to change what an album is. They had an emotive strategy.

 Creative advertising has become much more targeted.

Voluntary viewings are things that you go out of your way to see where as mass viewings are things which are there to watch anyway, so you have no choice.

 One of the most powerful men in media today.

Going from talking about an advert to talking with depth. The client is the guardian, celebration of new media itself. The idea of the brief was to transform the brand of the guardian from a newspaper, to the global news hub. Modern users dynamtic, that's what they were trying to get across. This was a viral advert in conjunction to the printed ads below.

Got loads of people to tweet about it.

The audience creating things for fun and to be involved. These virals generated advertising worth millions for mentos, they ran campaigns afterwards to link to these. Audiences are actively managing media culture.

When people were searching and using key words like 'superbowl', these virals would appear. This video is taking the mick out of advertising, it is highly entertaining, therefore people started tweeting about it and sharing it.

Innovate with new media. The idea was that the new album tracks would be released on the streets, to street musicians. They went around various locations in new york playing their new songs on their album, became viral. The fans were distributing what was going on in real time and was hitting the press. This was a big collaboration and getting the target audience involved to distribute the songs worked really well.

 Remains as one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Near to a cinema, and you see an advert about a film release, therefore it is getting you at the opportune moment. It is a personalised format, it is the personal new media.

Changes into a game, the map of London is a game board, put in a postcode of start and finish, then it records your time, and you start to compete with other people. To experience something in a different way.

Tells them to buy the products basically, sometimes in a creative way.

The audience can virtually sample the product in a way.

Seems to be the case that the creative process itself, is now more collaborative, you seem to be working in bigger groups, more people getting involved. Getting people to be able to work creatively face to face and online, as sometimes it will be global therefore you will need the skill to be able to connect online.

 She asked the question to students and proffesionals. She is keen on looking into this more.

Some of the challenges to advertising social networking. The whole idea is to reach their target audience.

Enables brands to communicate with their target audience.

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