Thursday 13 November 2014

Second CoP Tutorial

CoP Tutorial.
Preparing for this crit I decided to do more research on 'positive responses' this is becasue I need to establish the definition of this before going into my essay. Doing more research for my essay made me more confused about how and what I am going to be writing. I started looking into both the positive emotions that advertising has and the positive actions advertising causes.
Putting all of my ideas down on paper helped me to work out what I was thinking and the direction I should be going in with my essay. I started to look into my previous essay and why I chose this essay direction, and got more ideas down about what I was originally interested in. I also started to think about charity advertising and how they approach the concept and design of the advertising, and whether or not it was good 'positive'. Overall in my essay and practical I want to promote positive change.

The Tutorial.
Going into the crit I was still confused about the structure of my essay, this is something that I struggle with the most. I think that when I get going with it, I will be okay, but starting it off is hard for me, as my head is just full of different ideas and directions and I don't trust myself enough to go with any. I have two different half structured ideas and took them both to Simon and asked for his opinion, and the feedback was that both questions and structures are very similar just worded differently. Discussing different parts of the essay and what kind of things I should be looking through has made me more confident to write a structure now. We also started to discuss primary research and to not be too specific with it, also ask non-students and a variety of people of different ages. For this tutorial I haven't thought anything at all about my practical, although during the tutorial Simon and I discussed what I could do, and suggested that I should relate my positive advertising the cafe where I am doing my primary research, this would make it more real. 
This is the question I am focusing on when moving forward with my essay and practical. And unless I can reword a better question, it is the one I will be using for my essay.

What Next.
  • Write questionnaires for primary research.
  • Hand them out.
  • Analise them.
  • Write a structure.
  • Begin the introduction.
  • Think about a definite idea for the practical element.

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