Sunday 23 November 2014

Questionnaire Responses

Advertising Questionnaire Responses.
I took 25 questionnaires to the cafe I work in and asked customers to fill them in for me, I chose this location to hand out my questionnaires becasue I don't want to just ask friends or just ask students, I also didn't want to do a survey monkey. Doing it at the cafe and handing them to random customers meant that I would have a variety of different responses about advertising and how it effects people.

  1. What was the last advert that you saw?
  2. If you don’t remember, what was the last advert you do remember?
  3. How did it make you feel?
  4. Did you buy the product or visit the place in advert?
  5. Do you like advertising? And Why?
Response 1. (male)
1. The John Lewis Christmas One.
2. N/A.
3. Like it should be snowing outside, sad, christmasy, comfy.
4. Yes but not because of the advert.
5. No. manipulates a weak mind.

Response 2. (female)
1. Lidl.
2. N/A.
3. Didn't believe it.
4. Nope.
5. Sometimes, provides a choice and gives me ideas.

Response 3. (male)
1. John Lewis Christmas advert.
2. N/A.
3. Festive.
4. No.
5. Yes, because it makes me aware of new things.

Response 4. (male)
1. Can't remember.
2. Sainsbury's Christmas advert.
3. Sad and Happy.
4. Yes.
5. Yes sometimes they are better then the programmes.

Response 5. (female)
1. I saw a poster advertising a local event which I would like to attend.
2. N/A.
3. Irritated! The poster was placed on the inside of the front window but in such a position that it obscured the date of the event and the shop was closed.
4. I will when I find out when it is.
5. Sometimes but thats about the approach I dislike shouty loud adverts but enjoy humour and information.

Response 6. (male)
1. Pets at home.
2. N/A.
3. Enjoy seeing dogs playing so happy.
4. No.
5. Sometimes it can be useful to inform of products I am not aware of or offers I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

Response 7. (male)
1. John Lewis Christmas advert.
2. N/A.
3. Happy.
4. No.
5. Not really, too much time spent on advertising during TV programmes.

Response 8. (male)
1. Best Western Hotels (woman talking to 'Colin')
2. N/A.
3. Irritated!
4. No!
5. When it is informative and amusing I do.

Response 9. (female)
1. A car advert (don't remember which)
2. N/A.
3. Irritated, music was too loud and emotionalising an innate object.
4. No.
5. If it is done sensitively and ethically and for a good cause.

Response 10. (male)
1. Fairy Dishwasher.
2. N/A.
3. Bored.
4. No.
5. Not its so artificial, I used to like the old ones like Heinz and Guinness and Hovis, also they are shown too often.

Response 11. (female)
1. Silent night advert on TV regarding world war one. (Sainsbury's Christmas advert)
2. N/A.
3. Very sad, but grateful to the men who were fighting for us.
4. I have visited the where it was done.
5. No, they go over the top with it.

Response 12. (female)
1. Monty John Lewis.
2. N/A.
3. Sad.
4. No.
5. If its done well or if it's funny.

Response 13. (male)
1. Don't know.
2. Michael Parkinson selling insurance to the elderly.
3. Angry.
4. No
5. No Manipulates, Capitalist selling techniques.

Response 14. (male)
1. TV advert
2. N/A
3. Sometimes annoyed becasue it always breaks in at interesting points during a programme.
4. Depends what it was and how it was presented.
5. Depends on the product.

Response 15. (male)
1. Christmas advert about Aldi and M&S.
2. N/A.
3. Christmasy
4. Perhaps yes.
5. Its okay.

Response 16. (female)
1. I cant remember.
2. The John Lewis Christmas one.
3. Very annoyed! Made me think about all the people rushing out to go get their penguins (idiots).
4. No. I would avoid the place and the product becasue the advert was manipulated as are all adverts.
5. No, it breeds a consumer society and we already consume too much! Adverts are there to brainwash and they work on far too many people.

Response 17. (male)
1. Sainsbury's Christmas advert.
2. N/A
3. Christmasy
4. No.
5. Lets me know whats happening.

Response 18. (female)
1. IKEA round room/kitchen.
2. N/A.
3. Happy.
4. No.
5. Yes I like the story telling ones. That build up.

Response 19. (female)
1. Don't know as I mainly watch the BBC.
2. John Lewis.
3. Happy and warm.
4. No becasue nearest John Lewis is in Sheffield.
5. Occasionally when it is doing good, charity things.

Response 20. (female)
1. John Lewis.
2. N/A.
3. Christmassy and happy.
4. No.
5. Yes, it makes me want to buy the products its selling.

Response 21. (male)
1. Macmillan nurses on TV.
2. N/A.
3. Wanted to help with the campaign.
4. No.
5. For some products, not others. It pressures people into spending money which they may not have.

Response 22. (male)
2. N/A.
3. Waste of time.
4. No chance.
5. Depends what for.

Response 23. (female)
1. M&S Christmas Advert.
2. N/A.
3. That I need to start buying Christmas presents.
4. Yes.
5. No.
Response 24. (female)
1. Unable to remember.
2. Penguins.
3. Happy and loving.
4. Unable to remember what the advert was for.
5. No I find it a form of bullying.
Response 25. (male)
1. I cannot recall.
2. An advert for First Direct.
3. No feeling, just remembered the animal in the advert.
4. No.
5. Only if they amuse me or advise me of a new product.
I have found through looking at the responses that a lot of people actually like advertising, it allows them to see what new products there are. I have also found that a lot of people are looking for to key things in adverts, information and humour. What works most effectively for most of the people who thought positively about advertising was the journey that one goes through, if the advert is telling a story, sending them on a roller coaster. There has been a lot of responses referring to both the Sainsbury's and John Lewis Christmas adverts. Saying that they made them feel both sad and happy and festive. This leads me to believe that the stronger the emotion a consumer feels, the more likely you are to remember the advert. A few responses remembered the Christmas adverts and went through the same emotional ride, but couldn't remember to company, but this is the first stage of an advert persuading people to buy their products.

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