Thursday 20 November 2014

50 Days Of...

Half Way.
Researching the half way point through this brief I thought that I should create a poster displaying the different monsters that I have illustrated already. At the 12 days of... point I found that I am wanting to do a screen print of them all at the end of the brief, therefore I thought that doing a digital print of them all half way through I will get more inspiration for the second part of my context of practice brief. As I am planning on creating a positive social campaign to get others to do the '100 days of challenge'. Although I need to find a brand to relate this too.

I thought that having the grid as 6 by 8 would look better than 5 by 10 which means that I would only have 48 instead of 50. This worked well as the grid was quite balanced on an A2 size format. Although I think that it would be better if I had 50 as that is the actual mid point.
Thinking of different layouts that would work with 50 but still using the same grid as I think that it works really well.
Also testing out different fonts to see which looks better with the illustrations. I think that the right hand type looks better than Arial because it fits better. As in the size of the actual font fits better without having to track or kern it. It also is appropriate for the poster and the illustrations on the poster.

This is the layout I think I will be going with, although as it is day 49 I only have 49 monsters, and I will have to do the next one early on day 50 and place it in ready to print. Trying out different shades of black and grey on the type so that it doesn't look so blocky. I have decided it looks better with a shape lower in the '50 days of...'


I managed to get the day 50 monster done in the morning ready to print. They printed out really well and looked better in the print than I thought they would. There is a lot of colour in the poster but it still works as they are not too close together. I am excited to see what it will look like with 100 monsters, and how I will relate them to the a brand to create a positive social campaign.

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