Monday 27 October 2014

Practical Crit

Practical Crit.
A small group of us decided to have a small practical crit for our CoP. This is a good thing to do at this stage for me as I have started what I am doing, but am unsure about which brand to apply it to. I also am going to discuss the campaign I am hoping to achieve and whether peers agree with the concept.
I decided to take my screen prints to the crit, also showing some of the original monsters that I have produced so far. For my "100 days of..." brief I decided to create a monster a day for 100 days, for the second part of this brief I am still unsure what I am going to do for it although I know that it will be a social campaign, which reflects advertising positively, to go along with my essay, this is something that I am am doing in two parts as it makes it easier for me to manage. Therefore I decided to explain in my crit some of my ideas and see if anyone had any suggestions or thoughts.

My Feedback.
  • Could create a series of screen prints and sell them, including all of the monsters, also some larger versions of a few of the monsters.
  • Create a publication including all of the monsters.
  • Top trumps and give each of the monsters different powers and strengths, this could be related to children or even childish adults.
  • A campaign for people to be creative and take the "100 Days Of" challenge.
  • Could tie the monsters to the brand 'monster' energy drink and create promotion for them.
  • The two colour screen prints work really well and look good as a set.
  • Send some of my prints and some of the monsters I have done to The hungry Sandwich Club.
All of this feedback is really helpful and I will think about this further as my brief progresses as I am only on day 27 at the minute so I have a lot more time to decide more of what I can do, when I have a better and more solid idea I will take it to a crit and see what people think, as I really want there to be a purpose and achieve something through this brief, rather than just proposing something. As for the comment about the hungry sandwich club, I am flattered that it got mentioned in my crit as I admire them so much, and will be getting in contact with them at some point soon. I will take more ideas about 100 days of... mainly to CoP crits, although it has been helpful for me bringing it to practical crits.

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