Monday 20 October 2014

12 Days Of...Screen Printing

12 Days Of...
I have decided to produce a screen print for my brief and the progress I have made so far. Changing some of the colours so that it will be easier to screen print, which I think also makes it look really effective. I am also interested in seeing how they look in two colours plus stock so that if I wanted to, could apply a brands colours to use them for their advertising campaign. I have decided to do the screen print as I think that showing the progress I have made so far will be good for the end product, also I am going to be doing a different screen printing brief, so I am going to do this one so that I can get back into it. Also having these posters means that they can go on my walls to give me more inspiration to keep going with my monster a day, also I will be able to contribute to the studio walls as they are very bare.
Playing with different layouts, I have decided that writing 12 days of monsters rather than 100 would be more relevant as I have only got 12 at this point. I may do more screen prints throughout the process, showing more and more in this colour format.

Changing the colours in the monsters means that it will be more simple to screen print as I will only have to use two screens, I also think that it makes them work more as set.
 Prints for exposing, black and green.
After printing they would look similar to this, although I am going to try printing these onto different coloured stocks, which will give it a different effect each time, I might also try printing using different colours.

Green prints on there own still look like the monsters, I also think that they look really effective. I thought about leaving some of the prints in just green as they looked good, although I think that was just becasue of the colour print and that the illustrations still looked like monsters, as I found that they looked a lot better with the black too.

Final Prints.
I decided to use lots of different stocks with different weights and colours. This meant that the prints would look different and I could see what will look best. I found that watercolour stock was really thick and textured which has created a really good aesthetic for the prints, the monsters have more texture, and don't look as flat.

Printing onto black worked well, I thought that I would experiment with this becasue printing black onto black doesn't always work, but it sometimes works really well. It looked as if the black had been glossed, which is something that was aesthetically pleasing for the print.

The registration of the prints were good, this is something I was concerned about before printing, although I found that it worked quite well. Printing on a sheet of associate and the lining up the prints using that before made it easier the register them together. 

Although the watercolour stock created a good texture, it needed a lot more ink than the others, which meant that I had to pull the ink through twice when doing this, I did that with the darker stocks too as it also took more ink.

I have got a lot from doing these prints. I have been thinking about what I will be doing with my monsters after the 100 days, and I definitely want to do something with screen printing them. The black and green work really well and make the monsters look more of a set, this is something I will do with all of the monsters when the 100 days is up. Looking at the stocks I think that I would focus more on the lighter stocks, such as the antique white, this is the most successful print. I plan to think more about the second part of this brief and what I am going to do for it, also look further into creating a challenge, '100 day challenge', maybe creating promotional material to get people to take their own personal 100 day challenge. Creating a '100 day challenge' could be a really positive way of getting motivation in people. I will need to find brand that could link to this idea and support it so that it will make sense. This is something that I need to think about further.

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