Thursday 30 October 2014

First COP Tutorial

COP Tutorial.
After a general meeting with Simon my COP tutor, he said that he would like to see something more than what he saw from the presentations. After my presentation I was very confused at which direction I was going to go with, whether I am supporting using emotions to advertise or whether I am against this. Although I am very certain of my subject. I am also clear on what I am wanting to do for my practical, but not too specifically, I am wanting to create a happiness campaign.

In my tutorial I discussed with Simon the effects of advertising and the uses of positive advertising. Also started to talk about the different theorist I am thinking about using in my essay, which include Maslow, with his hierarchy of needs, Pavlov, with creating feelings through association, and Bendoral, how ideals are being sold. After our talk we have decided that Maslow would be most appropriate for me, which is a good thing as I am already very aware of Maslows hierarchy of needs.

Issues discussed at the tutorial.
Positive effects of advertising? Uses of positive advertising emotions in advertising.
Promotions for negative emotions/thoughts in advertising strategies. Or vica verca.
Practical - produce an advertising campaign that promotes positive responses/emotions in relation to a given product.
How positive can you be without alienating the customers from the product/brand?
How can positive responses be promoted through advertising successfully?
Research - what are 'positive responses'? 
Promote positive products and services - NHS?
Rhetoric in advertising.
How can positive responses be used in advertising?
Focus groups of non students and how they feel about certain case study.

Link to an actual brand or idea?
Using positive effects?
Customers feel at ease with themselves - public service.
Look into things that aren't superficial - avoid the fashion industry.
Promoting bad things in a good way.

Next time.
Define what a 'positive response' is - fulfilled, liked socially, achievement.
Define what a 'negative response' is - fear, insecurity, guilt.
Come with a basic structure for the essay.
Campaign ideas for the practical

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