Friday 10 October 2014

COP Proposal Reflection

Making my Presentation.
I decided to make my presentation simple and to the point, showing the different resources I have used for my research and some of the books I have been reading and I have learnt from. I wanted to show the subject of my extended essay, even though I don't have a specific question, I wanted to be able to show what it could be. I also wanted to include what research I have done, what research I am going to do, and why I am going to do it. Show some of the books I have read and how they have influenced my essay. I also wanted it to have a sign of what I will be doing for my practical and the ideas that I have, also how my extended essay subject has influenced my briefs in my extended practice.

Reflection of Presentation.
I have taken a lot from doing this presentation because of the feedback I received. I need to do more research to find which side of the discussion I am going to take, as I initially thought that I would be arguing the case that advertisers manipulate things and people into feeling a certain way, therefore making them buy into their products. Whereas after reading further into my subject, I have found the other side to the argument that they are just doing their job and doing it effectively, not all advertising strategies make people feel bad about themselves to sell their ideas, and they get the job done. There is such a thing as goodvertising.

During my presentation I think that I babbled too much and didn't get my ideas across as well as I could have done, and probably confused people as to which side of the argument I was on, although thats something I am trying to work out myself. Although I think my presentation went well because I know that everyone were listening and I didn't bore them, if I were to do it again I would try to focus on getting all of the information across as I think I babbled a little bit too much.

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