Monday 11 November 2013

First Things First Manifesto Seminar

The Session;
During this session we were put into four groups and all given a piece of text to read and analyse, each of them were about the 'First Things First' manifesto and discussions on the manifesto. After reading through an anaylsing our piece of texts we then as an entire group went through what each person thought of each piece of texts. When we did this we annotated the text with notes.

Using this process of triangulation and the discussion we had, we have to apply this to a piece of our own writing. Doing a triangulated discussion of two images of our choice, one being ethical and one being non-ethical through my eyes. Refer from the four texts that we have analysed, using three or more sources to find my take on the subject rather than sitting on the fence.

Essay and practical considerations;
  • Design and Consumerism
  • Design and Social Change
  • Design and Globalisation/International perspectives
  • Form/Function
  • Design and Sustainability
 I need to consider these different themes, although don't need to stick to them. But make sure the essay is interesting as well as the practical piece of design.

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