Tuesday 26 February 2013

Week 2 - Cannons

Cannons and Grids;

Van De Graaf;
  • A gridded page is much like scaffolding for a building.
  • It is structure that elements can be organised.
  • A grid will help continuity to be maintained and information digested with flow.
  • the Van de Graaf canon is a historical reconstruction of a method that may have been used in book design to divide a page in pleasing proportions.
  • This canon is also known as "secret canon" used in many medieval manuscripts and incunabula.
  • The construction of Van de Graaf's canon, works for any page width:height ratio.
  • Use this to get symmetrical layouts for books e.t.c.
  • Also use this to do Asymmetrical layouts.
The text area and margin proportions are determined by starting page proportions

My attempt at Van de Graaf's canon;

  • Column width is more that just design or format.
  • It is also based on legibility.
  • Printed Collateral (text) is read by the eye of a distance of 30-35cm.
  • According to empirical rule there should be 7 words per line for a text of any length.
  • To keep the type area light and open (in appearance) we must consider the leading.
  • i.e. The vertical distance from the line to line which suits the size of the type.
Width of a column;
  • Overlong text lines tire the eye, as do overshort ones.
  • Readers find overlong lines strenuous to read.
  • This is because too much energy is spent on keeping the horizontal line in sight over a long distance.
  • A column is easier to read if it is wide enough to fit in average 10 words per line.
  • The key is ease of reading.
  • Text must not impair the rythm of reading.
  • This can not apply to titles and subtitles.
  • Advertising functions require headings to standout and be absorbed by the eye. Its function is to sell.
  • Are columns just aesthetic creatures?
What works;
15pt sans serif
17pt leading

20pt sans serif
24pt leading

24pt sans serif
28pt leading

28pt sans serif
32pt leading

Margin Proportions;
  • Margins can have a influence on the overall feel of a page of print.
  • Too small - looks over full.
  • Too large - exaggeration.
  • Well balanced margins on the sides, head and tail can create an agreeable impression.
  • Same sized margins can never generate an interesting page design.
  • They generate the impression of indecision and dullness. (1by1by1by3)
  • Is it all just about aesthetics?
The type area;
  • 1 and 2 column grids
My columns and grids;

My digital columns and grids;


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