Tuesday 12 February 2013

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My Rules;
I have three rules which I try to follow when I am looking at Graphic design and design in general.
  1. All design must have a limited colour pallet, stick to a minimal colour pallet.
  2. All design must be simple and show a clear message, with a crisp and clean finish.
  3. Design must consist of no more than 3 fonts.
Examples of Graphic Design showing my rules;
All design must be simple and show a clear message, with a crisp and clean finish.
This design is very minimal, it is straight to the point, using negative space in the design to make this piece very interesting. This has been designed so that people understand that valkswagen are a very straight forward company, they don't beat around the bush.

The simplicity of this logo design works really well for it, also the use of colour makes it very effective. The design works well as it has been screen printed which shows the effort and time that has gone into the design, also the fact that it is one thing, a logo, simple and to the point.
Sound by Sound is a record company who have cleverly took advantage of the shape of the records to create the letter 'S' the idea is simple yet effective.

All design must have a limited colour pallet, stick to a minimal colour pallet.
This design looks a if it is a screen print. Using limited colours in screen printing is easier for the piece, it also makes it more effective. Also the colours that have been chosen, orange, brown, blue and stock work really well together, taking advantage of the colour of the stock is a good way to include another colour whilst it not being too much.

This wedding invitation looks like it has been embossed, which works really well with the colours and is appropriate for the context. As the pink is very bright I think that only using pink, black and stock for this design works better than if they would have used another colour, keeping the design minimal.

This has also been screen printed, and although it looks like there are four different colour being used in this design, it is just the colour of the stock being used as part of the design, this is a clever thing to get away with using more colours.

Design must consist of no more than 3 fonts.
The use of colour in this design works really well, but also the limited fonts used in the design. Having a maximum of three fonts means that you are safe with the typography looking good, although anymore than that it may look a bit misplaced a non professional if it is done in the wrong way.

This design uses three different fonts in it, this is the limit and as you can see it works really well in this design.

There are three different fonts used in this design, which looks very professional. Also using the stock colour as the type is a good use of colour and printing, it adds to the effect of the design.

Examples of non Graphic Design showing my rules;
All design must be simple and show a clear message, with a crisp and clean finish.
This digital art has something about it which is really simple and clear, it is getting straight to the point, no nonsense and you can see this in the design. Having no background allows the images to stand out more and look really clear.


This example of architecture is clean and clear and geometric, it works really well as although the shape of it is quite adventurous, it is a simple design.


Although this example of architecture has a lot of shape to it too, I believe that it is a simple and professional design. It looks crisp, as if it has had a clean finish to it, this is a good example of simplicity in architecture, not in the way it was built but in its aesthetics.


The photographer who took this picture wanted to features on the womens face to be the main focus of the piece, and I think that it has been done really well, as simply adding red lipstick to the model, matches the colour of her hair and brings her lips and eyes out.


All of the focus in this photograph is on the water on a leaf, it is bringing all of the attention to this point, this is by using a micro lense on the camera so that the water it the sole purpose of the image, the simplicity in this is how the photography has used something which is so natural and common and they have made it beautiful.

All design must have a limited colour pallet, stick to a minimal colour pallet. 
In this digital art the designer has clearly had a colour theme that they wanted to focus on, and in this it is gold and black, using these colours together shows a powerful and strong message, which is what I think the photographer was trying to go for in the image.

In this digital art the designer was able to make this object (head) look 3D whilst only using black and some gold. This has been designed and produced really well as it is aesthetically pleasing, and is good design.

Using two different materials when designing this house meant that the colours would have a dramatic change, having a maximum of three materials used on the outside of a house or building is aesthetically pleasing and woks well as design.

Using only black and white in this image allows all the focus of the piece be drawn to the models face, it has been done really well. The face is the only clear part of the image, and that is the way it has been designed, by not using more colours it improves the piece and makes it more effective.

The three colours used in this piece of photography are red for the car and black and cream for the ground. Adding the cream to the top left corner adds to the piece greatly, it brings out the car so that the whole page isn't just black and red, it makes it more interesting.
Design must consist of no more than 3 fonts.

Digital art is a good way to produce typography, in this design there is only one typeface, which makes it work very well especially as it is so simple and clear.

Using only three different materials to make this house is parallel to having only three fonts allowed in each design, they both add to the aesthetic of the final piece, therefor I think that this works well as a piece of design and architecture.


Although this doesn't have three different materials in its aesthetics, it only have two, it still works well as a good piece of architecture. Also it does have three levels to it, and more in this style it might look a bit too over the top.

These buildings have been made in the shape of numbers, having only three different numbers as the buildings works well although any more and it may look silly.

In this photography I found that concentrating on the background rather than both the foreground and the background looks good, it draws your attention to the subject matter, this is what I think is a similar aspect to fonts in photography.

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