Tuesday 12 February 2013

Week 1 - Grids

Grids and divine proportions;
Understanding how grids work and how layouts and divides appear to the eye on a page.
Key words;
  • Grids 
  • Columns
  • Drop caps
  • Headlines
  • Gutter captions
  • Margins
Fibonacci sequence;
  • Its all about proportions and ratios, its not about measurements.
  • Fibonacci sequence ratio 8:13 links to golden section.
  • This sequence is not only evident within design but also nature.
  • Used by famous painters too.
  • A series of numbers in which each number is the sum of two preceding numbers.
  • In design it is used to see proportion of page sizes.
  • 55 point title should be complemented with 34 point body copy by applying Fibonacci sequence. As 34 is the next size down in proportion from 55.
My attempt at Fibonacci sequence;

Dividing the page;

Golden section;
  • Forms the basis of paper sizes and its principles can be used as a means of achieving balanced designs.
  • Many ancient cultures from Egyptians to the Greeks used this thinking to gain beautiful designed proportions.
  • 1.62 is the golden number.
  • It is also know as the golden triangle.
  • Definition-"Golden Rectangle is a rectangle in which the ratio of the length to the width is the golden ratio."
  • Divide the height or the length by 1.62 and it gives you the biggest section that in proportion. You can do this infinitely to build up a grid. The numbers may be different but the proportions will be the same.
My attempt at the Golden section;

The rule of thirds;
  • The concept of the golden ratio can be simplified.
  • The rule of third governs the placement of points of interest in a scene.
  • Divide any given image into thirds both horizontally and vertically.
  • According to the rule of thirds, the verticals of those line (where the lines cross) are the ideal placement for points of interest.
My attempt at finding the rule of thirds with grids;
Focal points;
  • People scanning pages are more likely to notice things placed near the focal points, and the division is comfortable to view.
  • More complex design is possible by breaking down those thirds into further thirds.
  • People's eyes go to the middle top and center column.
Information points;
  • Major images, news, boxes, search bars and any other points of interest can be nestled on or near the horizontals.
  • This little shortcut will give you a design that is both easy on the eyes anf makes people drawn to key pieces of information.
Golden spirals;
  • Another method of using both the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers are the golden spirals and Fibonacci spirals
  • Using pictures, it shows how your eye reads the golden spiral and reads the layout.
My experiments with grids;

We had to recreate a custom page size using the Fibonacci sequence, I did this by changing the dimensions of the first box to 1cm by 2cm.

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