Monday 18 February 2013

Simon's Words of Wisdom

Stuck for Ideas?
If you are stuck and struggling to think of new ideas for your designs, look out of the window, and make what you see the solution to your problem. Such as Peter Saville's album cover with the leaf, he looked out of his car window and saw a leaf falling down, this is how he thought of the idea for his cover. Do not use this all the time, but if you are stuck, anything can resolve the problem.

Advisory quotes;
'do not seek praise, seek criticism.'
'can you find fault with this?'
       - When presenting work don't just talk, and speak at people. Present your work and who you
         are, you can do this by making your presentation interactive.
'Astonish me.'
'If you can't solve a problem, it's because your playing by the rules.'

Tips for OUGD406;
Need to do more development work, and show the other concepts and ideas I consider. Try to show the stages of how I got to a certain idea, and try different ideas, rather than finding the first good idea and running with it. Build up some links and connections with people from other courses will different skills, they will be able to help and do favours for you.

When competing with other designers to get the client;
  • It is always worth taking a physical and digital copy your designs with you, as people like to have things they can physically see and hold. 
  • There is also no need to put your company name on the designs, as the clients will know who you are and why you are there.
  • When showing the client designs, you could show them how they could be used, show rough sketches of how the designs would look in situe. Can just be a rough sketch.
  • To keep costs down, you could do designs digitally, if your illustrator skills are high. Although people would prefer to have a physical copy of the design.
  • You can also show how something could be used in a different media or different way, go the extra mile for them, make them tell you apart from the others.

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