Tuesday 6 May 2014

The Synthesis

 The Synthesis Between Essay and Practical.
My essay is based on Consumerism and how this affects women, and how it molds people into thinking a certain way. I have based my practical for CoP on the Mirror Stage and how children are influenced. From a young age children are brought up to believe that they want to be a Princess and that you will only find love and happiness if you are beautiful and ‘the fairest of them all’. My practical is trying to oppose this idea, and show that there is more to life than beauty. Showing children ages 8 -14 that life isn’t always like a fairy tale, and that even the most beautiful Princesses don’t get the Prince in the end. Creating a publication called ‘Happily Never After’ based on alternative endings to some of the most well-known fairy tales, showing how the Princess doesn’t always get the Prince and lives happily ever after.

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