Sunday 4 May 2014

Princesses in Design

Disney Princess's.
Before starting designing the publication and the illustrations going into the publication, I decided to look up Disney Princesses on behance, finding out what is already out there. I have found that there is a massive range of work to do with fairy tales and Disney Princesses. From fat versions of all the Princesses to life like versions. This research will be good for my publication as it will inform me of what works and what has already been done so that I don't repeat the same things.

Creating chubby versions of the Princesses is something that I have already considered, although I want my publication to teach children and show them how life isn't like a fairy tale, and no matter how beautiful the Princesses are, they don't always get the Prince. I don't want to teach children to be unhealthy.
These illustration are really interesting, it is a completely different approach to designing them, giving them different identities. The target audience for these illustrations are adults, where as I am targeting children aged 8 - 14, therefore I need to consider my audience before I design.

These illustrations have been produced so that they all resemble the Princesses but aren't identical to the originals. there is a set layout for all of these posters and they all work really well using the colours that the original Princesses have.

These are campaign posters that have been made for the same fairy tales with different endings. The illustrations are more life like than the animations that have been produced.

These are painted versions of the Princesses, I think that this is really effective although this approach won't be suitable for my publication, as I want them to directly reflect the animated versions that already exist.

This is a really effective way of designing, separately I think that they might not be as clear, but in a set they work really well. It is evident which Princess is which as they all have their own distinct colour schemes and main features.

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