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The Body Shop - Research

Advertising for Men.
For The Body Shop campaign I have decided that I am going to do something different and change my target audience, whilst still staying within The Body Shop brief, therefore I will be directing it towards men. Advertising for men specifically is something I haven't done before therefor I will need to look into what men look for in adverts and what they respond to, to make my campaign successful.

Men vs. Women.
While at an overall level, men and women give similar ratings to ads, they respond differently to individual ads. Men are more likely to enjoy ads featuring humor, distinctive creative styles, and sexual imagery, while women are more likely to enjoy ads featuring children or a slice of life.
Men are more likely to enjoy humorous ads - particularly those involving spoofs. (However, it is worth stressing that there are also many humorous ads that do perform well among women).

While men enjoy a distinctive creative style, women on the whole are more likely to enjoy ads featuring a slice of life, or children. There was no significant difference in messaging style between the most enjoyed ads for each group.

Old-School Advertising to Men
When it comes to advertising to men, the ad industry thinks it has it all figured out. Marketing to men is as simple as appealing to their macho side, right? Wrong. Emotional branding has taught us that marketing to men may very well be that simple sometimes, but often times when advertising to men one has to use more advanced emotional marketing tactics to endear their product to men. There are many advertising copywriters who wish they could go back to an era before we knew about emotional branding and marketing to men was a simple process. The thing is, that sort of elementary thinking just won’t work when advertising to men anymore. We now need to really figure out what emotional marketing approaches work for every individual market to really make great marketing to men.
How Marketing to Men Has Changed
As I said before, marketing to men has changed immensely over the years. Just putting a hot chick up on a motorcycle using your product doesn’t cut it anymore when advertising to men. The key here is to really dig deep down and figure out what men really want to feel about themselves. This is where emotional marketing and emotional branding really come in. Marketing to men should be approached just like any other emotional branding problem – forget about your own desires and agenda and figure out what the customer really wants and desires.
Emotional Branding to Men
When building a brand that targets men, the first thing you must do is figure out how you are going to do your advertising to men. This involves figuring out what they want, what they love, and what they hate. These emotions are what make them individuals, and they’re how emotional marketing can build fanatical bonds with customers when advertising to men. Most companies don’t understand this and end up making subpar marketing to men. By using the emotional branding approach to your marketing to men, you have the potential to make truly ascendant marketing.
Emotional Marketing to Specific Men
Over the years we have been researching marketing to men and advertising to men, we have found some very interesting things about these demographics. For example, if you want to make advertising to men in their 50’s, what emotional marketing tricks would you use? If you said “scare them senseless,” you would be right. Marketing to men in their 50’s is best done by frightening them, because they feel so responsible for their families. How about marketing to African-American men in their 20/30’s? You would use the emotional branding trick of shaming them into buying your product. Peer-pressure is very strong with this group, and that can be used to really make your brand more than just a product when marketing to men in this category. As you can see, emotional branding can be used in just about every situation where you are marketing to men, so get out there and figure out what makes your customers tick!

Calling all men. 
This article could not only keep you out of trouble but also gain you a few brownie points in the process.
Okay, hands up – who finds it difficult, make that impossible, to buy gifts for their wife / girlfriend / sister / mother / anyone else of the female species? And who has fallen foul of these little stingers:
1 - She likes perfume, so you buy perfume –apparently she doesn’t wear that particular perfume.
2 - She loves chocolates, so you buy chocolates – she’s on a diet.
3 - She loves handbags, so you buy a handbag – but it’s the wrong colour / wrong designer / should have a shoulder strap / should be clutch (delete as appropriate).
4 - She loves shoes… don’t even go there.
And finally the real test that every male should be warned about as soon as they start to crawl:
5 - She says ‘don’t bother buying me anything, a card will do’… she doesn’t speak to you for a month!
We know it’s not easy - women are just not logical creatures when it comes to gifts.  So, at Big Fat Balloons we’ve taken pity on those men who struggle with gift buying.  We’ve put together the ultimate guide to buying gifts for women, with 10 top tips to keep you in the good books.
1. Remember important dates – let’s start with the basics, whatever you do don’t miss her birthday / Valentine’s Day / anniversary.  There really is no excuse.   Keep a list in your diary, set reminders – mobiles and computers usually have an automatic alert system that you can set in advance.  Don’t forget to set the reminder at least two weeks before the date so that you’ll have plenty of time to choose a gift (remembering the night before won’t do you much good).  Follow this piece of advice and see your popularity with women grow as you start remembering special days.
2. Do your gift homework! – pay attention and listen for hints (we accept that this may be a difficult habit to get into but it could pay dividends).  When women are talking about hobbies, favourite shops or even better, say “Oh yeah, I fancy that but I can’t justify buying it for myself”.  Bingo!  You’re onto a winner.  Don’t forget to write the ideas down straight away though – if not, you’ll find you can’t remember anything when it comes to actually buying the gift.
3. Ask for help - sales assistants, work colleagues, friends and family will all be happy to help you choose gifts for women.  Just think.  If you’re single and the gift is for a relative, it could be a great excuse to talk to that stunning shop assistant!
4. Wrap your gifts beautifully - irrespective of the cost of the gift, wrap and present it beautifully if you want to really impress.  Some stores offer this service for a minimal fee if your gift usually ends up looking like it’s had a fight with the sticky tape.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to take off the price tag and remove receipts from bags.
5. Build-up your own “gift directory” - keep a list of favourite shops, florists, restaurants and hotels in your phone or diary. Bookmark your favourite gifts websites and subscribe to their e-newsletters - they might become a great source of gift ideas.
6. Keep your eyes and ears open for original gifts all year around - if you find something that would make a great gift for your partner, Mum or daughter… follow your instinct: buy it, wrap it, tag it! If you think to yourself “That would be the perfect present for her” chances are that they will think so too.
7. Check her size – if you’re thinking of buying clothes, make sure you know her size first.  You could be letting yourself in for major problems if you buy her something that is too small (‘you think I need to lose weight!’) or too big (‘you think I need to lose weight!’).  Or if you’re thinking of perfume, music or books, play it safe by checking out what she likes first.
8. Don’t make excuses - with the internet, phone and mail order, “I’m sorry, I didn’t have time” just won’t cut it. If you have forgotten her birthday or another important date make up for it straight away – a belated gift or sorry gift will be much better than no gift at all.
9. Give surprise gifts
– buy an unexpected gift like a balloon in a box or some flowers once in a while, you could even get it delivered to her work place. Or take her out to her favourite restaurant. Women just love surprises!
10. Be generous with your time and attention – although time and attention alone won’t do for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s day – try it once if you dare and you’ll soon see what we mean – they will be much appreciated on a day to day basis. Take a walk together, listen to her over a cup of tea, wash the dishes, share a joke…

After looking through lots of different websites, I have found that advertising, for men buying gifts for their girlfriends, works better if you use humour to win them over.

This is the men's version of the Gucci Guilty, creating to be mainly focused on the man in the image. It created as masculine counterpart to Guilty for Women with Guilty for Men. This advert is focused on men and the sexuality of a women, this is something that I have found a lot in advertising for men, and will be something I will try to use when trying to communicate the body shop products to men.

'A lot can be said about how advertisers market to men using unrealistic portrayals of women, and rightfully so, but they’d have to go a long way to be as derogatory as the above!' Source
This particular advert is for Tipalet cigerettaes and is making a rude innuendo about blowing in a girls face. This advert is very old, which shows the origins this kind of advertising, showing that sex sells, and using humour in adverts connects well with men.

Word play is also a good way to appeal to men, it is also humorous to women, although the colours and imagery used I think appeals to men more, straight to the point with no messing around, which is something I want to incorporate when I am creating my Body Shop campaign for men.

This advert is appealing towards men as the phase, 'you can see who wears the pants in that relationship' is suggesting that whoever is wearing the pants is in charge in the relationship. Men feel that they should be the ones who 'wear the pants' therefore this is suggesting that if you buy Dockers trousers that you will be the man in the relationship.
Lynx are very well known for using sex to sell their products, suggesting that if you use their products, women will practically throw themselves at you. This is something else that attracts men towards your products, sexual innuendos. This is something that I want to tray and do when is comes to creating my Body Shop Campaign for men, create posters which will be simple include sexual innuendos and be humorous.

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