Tuesday 15 October 2013

Task 1 - Shannon Weaver Model

The Task; 
Pepsi advert;
The Shannon Weaver's Mathematical Model can be applied to many different methods of communication not just advertising. Although I have found this advert which I think is interesting and  has been researched thoroughly during the 'information source' stage, I know this because Pepsi and Coca Cola are different companies fighting to be the best cola product on the market. This advert is showing a can of Pepsi with a straw in, and a red and white can with a straw trying to not go into the can, as if there is something bad inside it. Although the advert doesn't say it's Coca Cola, it is using the Coca Cola colours and general aesthetic, this shows that the information source stage has been done well.
This advert would be seen as redundant, it is successful in communicating its message that Pepsi is better than Coca Cola therefore people should chose it, also there is very little information to take in, it is quite clear what this advert is saying, whilst being light hearted and humorous.
The channel of this advert is a billboard, this is appropriate for the audience and the advert as many people will see it, and as it is redundant and easily to read, if people are driving past in their cars, they won't have to see the advert for long to know what it is trying to communicate, this is a successful piece of design.
The destination in the Shannon Weaver Model is seen as the impact that has been made. The impact for this advert is quite high, it is quite controversial in the way that it is almost like telling someone that cats are better than dogs. It is comical and even though the only brand name that is on the advert is Pepsi, the advert is very suggestive that the other can is Coca Cola, this is a clever concept and breaks specific conventions in a way, because as-well as promoting Pepsi the advert is demoting Coca Cola and making a joke out of it.
'Noise' could impact this design, as because it is a billboard avdertisement, it could get weathered and get wet, although this is something that the designer has to consider when designing for a billboard anyway. Another limitation for this advert is that people have their own opinions of Coca Cola and Pepsi, therefore this advert won't influence the way a customer tastes the product. Though it may influence the way the customer sees the brand, as this was comical and not directly offensive advert, people who previously would chose Coca Cola from a shelf, may think of this advert, laugh, and change their minds.

Information Source;
Looking into Pepsi as a brand, also the competitors and how to achieve more sales than them. Also research copyright and how you can get around things such as putting down another brand, but not directly.

Transmitter (Encoder);
When designing the advert consider experimenting with different designs, do mock ups, make sure that the company, Pepsi, find the advert funny, consider the tone of voice. Were they going for humour or being serious, or playing with the two ideas.

The medium that they used for this advert was a billboard.

Receiver (Decoder);
The advert was a billboard therefore it will have been found at the side of a road, they will have to have considered the location such as; is it close to a shop? is it in a busy area? As this is a Pepsi advert I would say that it is in quite a busy area as Pepsi are a very successful company and will have a reasonably large budget and will be able to afford a billboard with a prime spot.

The destination is the audience receiving the information and the impact it has made to the viewer. Therefore as the tone of voice is comic, this is the impact that will have been made to the audience. The target audience for this advert is people who enjoy drinking fizzy drinks regularly or even now and again. It is not only directed at Pepsi enthusiasts showing them they are on the correct team, but it is also aimed towards Coca Cola enthusiasts to try and make them change their minds.

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