Friday 22 March 2013

A Brief History of...Initial Crit

The Crit;
During the progress crit I proposed that I will be looking into creative packaging, further looking into how it has been developed through time, so how it have evolved. I got to this subject from looking at Farrow’s creative CD packaging. I started looking further into creative packing and the tone of voice, which is used when applying it to its audience and context.

My Feedback; 

Looking at the feedback I got from my peers I found that I will need to start looking into something more specific rather than just general creative packaging. Therefore I decided that I would change my publication to be one about a specific brand, and see how the packaging has developed in time, also showing why they have been developed, and why they look that way, considering cultural and social influences.
I also wanted to make a kit, so that my audience would be able to create the packaging themselves, and I found that I needed to experiment more with this, also look into a specific brand first.
My group suggested that I should to consider audience, layout and the shape of my publication. I will take everything that was said in the crit and work on sorting these things out.

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