Wednesday 24 October 2012

Graphic Design and Modernism

Modern - to modernize is to make something better
Modernity - is industrialization and urbanization
Modernism - is response to condition of the modern

Modernism in Graphic Design;
Rejection of ornament (Adolf loos (1908) ornament and crime)
Form follows function (Louis Sullivan (1896) 'The tall office building artistically considered')
-How you make something look, comes second to the product actually working

Cheret (1884) Toulouse-Lautrec (1891) Marriett (1905)-type as image 'Parole in liberta' - the futurists(type) fortunato pepero (1927) bolted book
truth to materiality, celebrate materials
Appollinaire (1918) - concrete poetry
Jan and schichold (1927)
-no font except Grotesk fit for the modern age
-Fraktur-black letters, looks like handwriting-German greatness
-Tschischold critique this
-It is nationalistic historic e.t.c

International typographic style (swiss style)
-Switzerland post WW1
-Aksidenx Grotesk/Helvetica
-Flush left, ragged right text
-Abandoning of drawn illustration in favor of photography
--No decoration --Internationalist --Simple --Function over form --Stripped down --Two/three colours
-Joseph Miller Brockman

Boyne and Rattansi (1990) Postmodernism and society
-Aesthetic self-reflectiveness
-Montage - splicing together two different radicle things
-Paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty
-Loss of the intergrated individual subject
-Optimism - design could u-night everyone

Optimism and Utopinism;
Universal - design at bauhaus - Herbert Bayer
-make text with machines -new technological text -why embrace the limitations of the past

-No essence of modernist art and design that is shared by all - just 'family resemblance'
- Modernism moves away from an illusionistic 'realistic' way of deplicting the world and instead relies on signs and symbols

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