Friday 19 October 2012

Alphabet Adam

In this brief we had a partner chosen from the randomiser and I got Adam Garbutt. We then had to fill in questionnaires about our selves, then we found that we had to create a typeface and 6 glyphs showing characteristics of our partner. This is when we thought that the questions we had previously answered were not sufficient amount of information about the other person to produce a typeface on them. Therefore we collected our own information afterwards.
The questionnaire;

Our own information;
First we wrote out an alphabet in upper and lower case for each other, so that we could see each others hand writing, I also asked Adam to write out his name, as he joins up his writing.

Quiet person when not drinking
Easy to talk to
Mostly happy (when not hungry)
Deep sleeper
Printing type
Horder(polythene bags, train tickets, pen nibs)
Likes collecting things
Leather shoes
The rest of development(american show)
Back to the future
Quentin Tarentino
Custard-Lollipops-Chewing gum(to stop from biting nails)
Near Middelsborough-Skelton
2 brothers, 25, 27
Don't go on nights out a lot
Dog Person
Arial - Arial Rounded - Gill Sans
Sag and Walsh

After finding this information I started to research Adam's likes and dislikes, looking at his blog, even at his facebook, to find out more about him.

Sag and Walsh

Sag and Walsh

These are some of the designers and films that Adam is interested in so that I can understand things and elements I can include to make my type portray Adam's interest. I also looked in the book 'Hand Job' to find other typefaces that I thought would work well, also 'Hand Job' is one of Adam's favorite books.
Typeface by A.J.Purdy Hand Job
Three typefaces, 2005, pen on paper, Hand Job
These would both work really well to show charactoristics of Adam, as their favourite designer or book or design itself says a lot about them.

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