Wednesday 10 October 2012


With this brief, we first started by using the letter forms which we collected over the summer for the summer brief. We organized all of our letters as a group into ten categories which we had previously chosen as what we know would separate letter forms from one another. Our categories were;

  • Serif
  • Sans-serif
  • Objects in the form of letters
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Hand rendered
  • Digital
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Calligraphy

There were many letters as there were eight people in my group, each with 30 examples of each letter form, therefore we each did our own individual section to make it easier, so its not as cluttered.

We then had to select a word from the randomiser, and I got the word ‘pop’, so started looking into the definition of the word, and all the possibilities I could use to demonstrate the word ‘pop’ in a letter form.
The definition of ‘pop’ is;

  •  point of purchase
  •  proof of purchase

  • To make a short, sharp, explosive sound.
  • To burst open with a short, sharp, explosive sound.
  • To move quickly or unexpectedly; appear abruptly: At last the cottage popped into view.
  • To open wide suddenly: The child's eyes popped with astonishment.
  • Baseball To hit a short high fly ball, especially one that can be caught by an infielder: popped out to shortstop.
  • To shoot a firearm, such as a pistol.
  • To release (a clutch) suddenly.

  • With a popping sound.
  • Abruptly or unexpectedly.

  • A sudden sharp, explosive sound.
  • A shot with a firearm.
  • Chiefly Midwestern U.S. See soft drink. See Regional Note at tonic.
  • Baseball A pop fly.

I also looked at pop art, and the different artist and the aspects of each piece to try and portray pop in my letter forms. First I looked at Roy Lichtenstein’s illustrations and considered that it consists of a lot block colors and repeat patterns, for example on the women's face, repeating dots.

I then looked at Andy Warhol and also found that there was a lot of repeating patterns in different color. Also there is a lot of colors which are very vibrant.

Next I looked at different things like with the pop in it, and the sound of popping like;
  • Popcorn
  • Ice-pops
  • Fizzy pop
  • Bubble wrap
  • Party poppers
  • Balloons popping

I also looked in Typography books such as 'Hand Job' and 'New Illustration with Type' to find type faces which show different things such as pop.

Sound and Vision, 2009. New Illustration and Type
Big Mouth Project, 2009, New Illustration and Type

Typography even without the word pop can show pop, therefore something like this would work for my letter forms, as the first thing that came to mind when you see these examples of type you think of pop.

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