Wednesday 26 February 2014

PTP - Menu Research

Menu Research
The Pink Teapot brief has stated that it wants a new menu being designed. Therefore I thought it would be good if I researched into some cafe/restaurant menus to see what is already out there, and what I should be doing. 

I saw this menu, and what I like about it is the colour scheme. I don't usually like images of the food on menu's as it can sometimes look a bit cheap and tacky, although I think that this has been designed really well. The muted neutral colours that are being used for the base of the menu are aesthetically pleasing and suit the style of the restaurant really well.

I personally don't like the actual menu itself, although I do like the illustration around the outside and in the bottom left corner. I think that I want to do something like this, keep a simple menu with a small illustration. I want it to be quite simple and not too tacky.

I think that the illustrations used in this menu are appropriate for the cafe/restaurant. I might try and see how it looks with some illustrations on the menu, but not photographs of the food, vector illustrations of the food, so that it doesn't look cheap. 

This menu design is so suited to the food that is being presented, I think that sushi being as colourful as it is, can include a lot of illustrations. Also because not many people know what is what when it comes to sushi, therefore having these images allows the audience to understand what everything is. Although I think that this has been designed well and aesthetically pleasing I don't think that it would be appropriate for The Pink Teapot, something more simple would be better for The Pink Teapot.

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