Tuesday 16 April 2013

A Brief History Of...Presentation

The Presentation;

When doing my presentation I decided to say what my idea was and same of the pages which I have started to make, although I also said that after doing a bit of this work, I went on the Cadbury website and looked into going to Cadbury Wolrd. When looking at this I saw that the website is very full of life and there is a lot going on on it. Therefore I decided that I wanted to make my designs slightly more playful. I also told my group that I wasn't sure about who my target audience should be as I want my publication to be fun, but at the same time I want to include a lot of information about how Cadbury came about, therefore a lot of body copy might not suit children.

The Feedback;
The feedback I received was that I should make it slightly more interesting and fun, like I said I would do, also to make my target audience adults who like chocolate, or want to know the background to Cadbury's. As I am wanting to package my publication, the ground suggested a few ways how I could package it, such as creating a different packaging for a bar rather than then current Dairy Milk, use and older design. I took a lot form this presentation and the feedback I got from my group, as I felt that I could then fully design my publication, with suggestions from someone in my target audience.

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