Thursday 25 April 2013

A Brief History Of... Cadbury World

Primary Research for, a brief history of;
Going to Cadbury World has given me a lot of information about the background of the Cadbury company, and understand further about how the company became what is is. I found the information appealing as it was available for children and adults but both enjoy it the same. Cadbury World is more than just a factory which makes chocolate bars, it is an experience which people enjoy, there are chocolate bars given out around the experience, also there are offers available on the chocolate. People who visit Cadbury World don't just find out information about the history of Cadbury but they experience the history through the different rooms and bringing the history to life, which make its more understandable for children, and a better experience for children. This has lead me to think about my target audience, as I am wanting to show a brief history of Cadbury's, I think that my audience will be adults, but still use the same playfulness that Cadbury World does to relate to adults.

There were different rooms which at different points during the show, there would be effects such as in this image, the room went really warm, the chairs also shook and air came out of the benches, this got the audience involved in the show, which made things stick in your head more, this makes me think that I should include some sort of experience for people to get involved with in my publication.

This also allowed people to get involved by choosing what was going to be played, it was fun and interesting to watch, although very simple, it made it effective for people.

Very brief timeline, keeping people interested.

Going through the packaging plant, I found we weren't allowed to take photos or videos although I did manage to get a few through the packaging plant.

We were able to go on a very tame roller coaster ride through a short story, where they also take your photo. They also offer a green screen where you can get pictures taken in different places and on different things, this is interesting for both children and adults.

Getting more involved with the experience by personalising your experience by being able to draw and write things in the chocolate, you are also able to create your own chocolate by adding different things to it, I added marshmallows.

Showing different packaging and how its developed, also showing when everything came out.

This was a chocolate dj, it was in the Advertising section, it allowed you to choose which advert which was being demonstrated, such as, the gorilla advert and the children with the eyebrows e.t.c. The gorilla was life size, which made the experience even better.

In the shop there were lots of things available, showing off how much the brand has adapted and changed, but also letting people see how it used to be, and showing that they are still proud of all the old packing designs.

There was lots of information around Cadbry World, explaining the decisions made in the business and the history behind the cocoa and where it came from, also how the chocolate was made and developed.

This was very interesting for me as it was a shop with a timeline of the products available through time and how they changed through time, showing the packaging development, this will influence my design greatly.

Overall the trip to Cadbry World was really helpful for my project, it allowed me to experience the kind of vibe Cadbry are trying to give to their customers, Cadbry isn't just a chocolate bar it is an experience and a story, therefore I feel that my publication should reflect this.

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