Thursday 11 December 2014

Plan So Far.

So far during level 6 I have many different briefs on the go. The first brief I started was '100 days of..' this is quite a large brief but has a large time scale so doesn't take up too much time to create 1 monster a day, as long as I keep on top of it, which I have done so far, this is somthing I will be using for my Context of Practice practical. I also started my Quentin Tarantino Boxset at the start of the year too. After starting these briefs I then received two different live briefs that need to be done to a deadline, one of which is quite small(Christmas Sushi), the other being quite large(Wide-Eyed Records). To take a break from the others I entered a competition brief for Tigerprint, this was quite a small brief and didn't take up too much time, but gave me a break from my others. As well as that me and my collaborative partner have started our collaborative brief (Pops), I also have tutorials breaking up the week for CoP, this is really important so I need to prioritize this especially as the essay deadline for our draft is on 11th December. Also we are being set different live briefs throughout the year, and although we don't have to do them, I think that it would be best if I did, as it would be doing different kinds of things and doing it for an actual design studio.

I think I am spreading my time to thin and I should prioritize certain briefs before others. Some which have a deadline sooner and that are live should be done sooner.
  • Continue doing the '100 days of' as this is not largely time consuming, it also gives me something to keep focused on an up to date with everyday, and at the end I will have a large amount of illustrations.
  • Put the Boxset to the side as there is no immediate deadline and I can pick it back up after a few live briefs are done and my CoP is more on its way. I think this is something to pick back up when I break for Christmas.
  • Tigerprint has been finished and submitted, it has been blogged and finished, the only thing left to do is mock onto things and create design boards for it, this is something I will do closer to the 11th Dec.
  • Wide-Eyed Records is a live brief and is something that needs to be completed before the 20th Nov, therefore I will prioritize this. I will also split this brief into two as the branding and logo needs to be completed before the 20th, and the posters for later in January.
  • Christmas Sushi, this is a brief that won't take up too much time, and will be a nice break for me in the longer briefs. This is also a live brief which means that I will be able to get feedback from it for doing it.
  • CoP is really the most important thing to me right now, it is something I am going to set days aside for each week so that I can always have time for it. This is specific for my theory part as it is something that I struggle with, my practical is consistent and it will be done over a course of 100 days, and then more to develop the campaign.
  • My collaboration with Adam hasn't got very far so far. There hasn't been a lot of communication with each other and we have only just established what the brief actually is. After my two live briefs are completed I will be able to focus more on the collaborative, starting ideas and designing on the 23rd Nov, as I should have both my Christmas Sushi and Wide-Eyed Records part one done by then.
Establishing a plan means that I can organise my time better, as currently I have too much on, and nothing is getting done on time. This will work so much better for me, and everyone else who is involved in my briefs including my collab partner and my clients.

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