Saturday 27 September 2014

Monster Research

Monster Research.
I have decided to start this 100 days challenge by looking at different monsters so that I can see what is already out there. I also think that I need to stick to the same theme throughout and the same style of illustrations.

What I like about these monsters are that they are all using just two colours. This would work really well as a screen print. Which is something that I think I will try when it comes to the campaign as I think that it would look really effective. Also using the colours of a brand will allow it to link to the brand itself to support the campaign. Although when creating my monster I would like them to all be slightly different, where as these monsters are all the same shape with different aspects to them.

What I like about these about these illustrations are that they are really detailed. I think that this is something that I need to consider when starting my illustrations. This is becasue I want to keep mine consistent so that they work well as a set. When producing my monsters I want to make them quite details, although not as detailed as these as I need to produce one per day, and I can't allow them to take up too much time, otherwise I wouldn't get anything else done.

This set of monsters work as a set which makes them so effective. This is what I mean when I mean I want them to all work in the same way and have the same aesthetic. Using the cream background and the biro is a really good effect for the monsters. This is something I also want to do make them look effective and as a set. I think that I will try and do this by illustrating in the same way each time. Also using two main colours in each monster, this will also make it easier for me if I need to change to colours to link it to a brand.

I have found in a lot of the successful sets of monsters that I have found is that they don't use to many colours in each illustration. This is something I will bare in mind when creating my illustrations each day.

These monsters remind me of children and have a really childish appearance. This is something that I really want to avoid as I don't want to be making my illustrations link directly and exclusively to children. I would like my illustrations to appeal to an older audience than children, as they will be more detailed and less friendly.

I will have to consider all of these things when it comes to illustrating my monsters. Audience is a big thing. Also the colour use is very important.

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