Monday 30 December 2013

100 - Primary Research

Stationery Shops.
For my brief Design for Print and Web I am producing a shop called 100 Things To Do, it will be selling stationery and greetings cards and little things. I decided that as I am making a stationery shop, which is intended to help people organise their life in a fun way, I thought that I would go to the shops that already exist and take pictures of the layouts of their shops, look at some of the things they sell and the different collections they have.

As soon as you walk into the shop their is all of the sale items at the front, this is probably so that people can see the sale when they are walking past, so that when they see them they can go into the shop to see whats on offer, then go and look around the shop.

There is a range of different rubbers in Paperchase, they are cute and appropriate for this shop, this is something that I would want to sell in my shop, they are bright and colourful and would really in place in my shop.

The different collections available in Paperchase all follow the same colours, each of them have their own patterns and colours, it is what makes the collections different from one another. Although when looking round I found that a lot of the products were the same in each collection just with different colours and patterns. This is something I want to avoid, I want all of my collections to have a purpose, each of them to have a different purpose as well.

It also has sections of areas with little trinkets like badges and clips, this is similar so something I want to do, I want to have a little gift area, with pretty little gifts, things that can go with any of the collections.

Blott from the outside is very simple and clear, I think this is because of how colourful it is inside the shop, they don't want their window display to take away from the shop itself.

The collections available in Blott are also very similar to each other, they are literally the same product with a different colour or animal on it. Also the way that they are organised on the shelves, although they are in their collections, because each collection is so small, they all just blend into each other. Also the signs that are made in Blott on each of the shelves, with the collection tags on them, are made from just print paper, badly cut our and displayed. In my shop I want everything to look a good quality, not just the products but all of the signage too.

This is something that makes the shop really good, as it has a large selection of rubbers, that are very colourful, they are the same rubbers that are sold in Paperchase, although Papercahse has a small collection. Also something that Blott offer on their rubbers are loyalty cards, so that if you buy ten you get one free, this is a good thing for the shop, it is also something I can look into doing.

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