Friday 2 May 2014

Binding for Publication

Binding Method.
For my publication I want to have it so that it can be interactive so that the target audience will be able to change the order of the pages if they want to. I want to do this because I have found that this will relate to children more, and they connect with things better if they can interact with them. I have found his binding method which I think is called crown binding. 

Mock ups.
I thought that I would create a smaller version so that I could see how it would work. Although I found that because I made it smaller length ways, it turned into a publication where you could just place single pages and slot them in.

Making it slightly bigger allowed me to see that if I made it to the right size I will be able to see if it will work for me. But at this size it turns into a completely different kind of binding.

Creating a larger one meant that I can see how it would work when I will be putting the pages into it.

Using the green for the cover and the yellow for the pages means that I can see what is what and how it would work. The spine looks really effective and I think that his binding method would be appropriate for my subject. It means that it would be easy for the children to change around, but it will still hold the pages in really well and keep it stable.

I think that this binding would work well too if I were to create a smaller fact file with double sided cards about each of the princesses in it, but for what I am doing right now, I think that it is best to use the larger binding.

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